Moisture Management


Leading moisture management system

Can be used in conjunction with any lining choice; not limited to a certain look

Best price/performance option on the market

Used extensively by the U.S. Military in their combat boots

Most sought-after product in the performance, athletic industry

Applied in dye bath and good for the life of the shoe

Water Absorption and Drying

Submerge 5 inch square in water for 5 minutes. Hang from corner of fabric at 70°F/50% R

Initial Dry Weight (g): 2.50
Initial Wet Weight (g): 10.91
Wet Weight (g) after 15 Min. 8.37
Wet Weight (g) after 30 Min. 7.05
Wet Weight (g) after 45 Min. 6.18
Wet Weight (g) after 60 Min. 5.23
Wet Weight (g) after 75 Min. 4.15
Wet Weight (g) after 90 Min. 3.10
Wet Weight (g) after 105 Min. 2.50

MVT:  ASTM – E96, Procedure B.
Water In Open Cup – 2000
Result – 858*

*Result based on nylon combat superknit. Lighter-weight polyester knits would have significantly better results.

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