About Cosmo

Cosmo is known as the leading textile manufacturing company for the footwear industry worldwide.

100% Recycled Always Post Consumer Shoe

We pride ourselves in our ability to service our customers using a versatile, multi-faceted manufacturing platform offering Performance Linings; Fashionable Uppers; Strobel and Insole Board; Waterproof Systems; Soft, Breathable Laminations; One-Piece Jacquards; Bio-Based and Recycled Materials; and multiple value-added finishes.

We are pleased to offer environmentally-friendly, sustainable options at key price points. We also take great effort in working on R&D exclusive partnerships with key brands.

Noon Swatch
100% Recycled Badass Post Consumer Swatch
NATURETEX Recon Strobel Swatch

Performance Tiers

Performance Tier: Good
Performance Tier: Better
Performance Tier: Best

We tier our lines into Good / Better / Best offerings to allow our customers to achieve whatever price and performance level they desire.

Environmental Awareness

At Cosmo, we have always cared about the environment.

In the early 1990’s we developed our NATURETEX® line using recycled plastic bottles, in addition to flame laminating to reduce the use of adhesives. Over the years we have expanded our sustainable practices to include waterless dyeing, bio-based textiles, a closed-loop recycling system, post industrial waste utilizing textile, leather, and EVA waste, and environmentally-friendly value added finishes.

Dedication to the Customer

We offer extensive technical, sales, and marketing support at the factory and brand office levels.