Our Non-Woven factory operations in China and Vietnam provide:

  • Stitchbonds
  • Strobel
  • Cambrelle®
  • Needle Punched Insole
  • NatureTex® Shapefit (TPU Hot Melt Sheet)
  • Puddle Coating
  • Flame Lamination

Combined monthly product capacity:

0 million
SQM of Stitchbond per month
0 million
SQM of Strobel per month
0 million
SQM of Insole Board per month
SQM of Cambrelle per month
1.2mm NatureTex Recon Cambrelle II Swatch
1.2mm NatureTex Recon Cambrelle II
NatureTex Bio Strobel Swatch
NatureTex Bio Strobel
2.5mm Jute Felt Swatch
2.5mm Jute Felt
1.5mm NatureTex Recon Felt (Red) Swatch
1.5mm NatureTex Recon Felt (Red)
NatureTex Recon Strobel Swatch
NatureTex Recon Strobel
2.5mm NatureTex Recon Felt Swatch
2.5mm NatureTex Recon Felt
COSMO™ Therm 200G, EPM5 Swatch
COSMO™ Therm 200G
1.25mm Recycled Insole Flex

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